Dubai Bucket List: Hot Air Ballooning

Dubai Bucket List Hot Air Balloon

At the beginning of this year, Dubai Travel Advice listed hot air ballooning on their 2019 Dubai Bucket List Activities. Hot air ballooning anywhere in the world should be on your bucket list but experiencing it in Dubai is truly unique and at Balloon Adventures we’ve added on to this once-in-a-lifetime activity to make it even more memorable. What we offer is unique and here’s why hot air ballooning with us should be on your bucket list.

1. High Safety Standards and Extensive Experience

We are the largest and longest operating hot air balloon company in the UAE. We chartered the Dubai desert in 2005 and since then we have flown more than 120,000 guests. We have a team of very experienced balloon pilots lead by our Chief Pilot Peter Kollar who has over 26 years flying experience. Find out more about our safety standards.

2. Flight Path over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Balloon Adventures is the only hot air balloon company that is allowed to land in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve which is the largest national park in the UAE. As you fly over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve you may see wildlife like Arabian oryx and gazelles. Our balloon pilots are also trained by a professional conservationist and during the balloon flight they share some interesting facts and stories about Dubai, it’s cultural heritage and native wildlife.  Find out more about the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

Wildlife Hot Air Balloon Dubai

3. Only In-Flight Falcon Demonstration in the World

Balloon Adventures Dubai is the only hot air balloon company in the world that actually flies with falcons. We have professionally trained falcons to fly from the balloon basket at 4,000ft and our guests get a chance to with this unique demonstration on every flight. Discover more about our innovative work with falcons.

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Many hot air balloon companies advertise that their experience includes falconry. What they usually mean by this is that you can get a posed photo taken with a falcon on the ground after the hot air balloon ride.

Hot Air Balloon Falconry

4. More than a Hot Air Balloon Ride – Vintage Land Rovers and Camel Ride

Our hot air balloon ride is a full experience which also includes a desert drive in vintage Land Rovers from the 1950s. These classic vehicles will take you to the breakfast venue after the hot air balloon ride. Once you arrive you will also have the option to enjoy a short camel ride before you enjoy the gourmet breakfast. There is Wi-Fi on every balloon basket and a GoPro camera which videos the experience.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

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5. Gourmet Breakfast in a Desert Venue on Royal Grounds

Hidden in the heart of a Royal desert retreat lies a beautiful and authentic desert venue which is a replica of a traditional Bedouin camp. Dine on a gourmet breakfast and relax in this hidden gem in the desert before heading back to the city. Breakfast includes a selection of eggs like Eggs Benedict and Shakshuka, smoked salmon, caviar, fruit salad and more.

Hot Air Balloon Breakfast Dubai

Whether you are looking for a unique experience for a special occasion, a gift idea for a loved one or a weekend activity as a Dubai resident, Hot Air Ballooning just might be your next favourite and unforgettable adventure to tick off your bucket list.

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