First Hot Air Balloon Company in the World Certified with Bureau Veritas’ Safety Label: Balloon Adventures Dubai

Bureau Veritas Safe Hot Air Balloon Company Dubai

Balloon Adventures Dubai is the first hot air balloon company worldwide to have secured the SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label by Bureau.

It is an honour to have been awarded the SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label by Bureau Veritas, the independent global leader in inspecting and certifying companies’ quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Our unforgettable hot air balloon rides are the first of their kind worldwide to be awarded as safe by Bureau Veritas. This means that our strict protocols adhere to local regulations, recognised industry best practices, and approved by leading epidemiologists.

The SafeGuard Label is uniquely given to those audited establishments who have successfully met hygiene and sanitation standards by ensuring a safe environment for the business to restart.

In light of COVID-19, we have taken this opportunity to further increase these standards with industry leading technology and the introduction of transparent screen protector shields while preserving the premium quality of our hot air balloon experiences. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff has always been our priority and, industry leading health and safety standards are at our forefront.

Balloon Adventures Dubai CEO, Adam McEwan comments about the news, “Since 1828, Bureau Veritas’ mission has been “establishing the truth without favouritism”. At Balloon Adventures Dubai we didn’t simply want a certificate that can be easily obtained just to tick a box. Instead, we wanted the worlds most trusted independent auditor to evaluate and make recommendations to both our Covid-19 response and our general operations. It is with immense pride that after 192 years, we are the world’s first hot air balloon company to meet their strict testing and inspection process”.

Safely restarting a business after the COVID pandemic requires a countless number of important considerations, employers are examining the measures that must be put in place to ensure the safest working environment.

Bureau Veritas, as a global leader in compliance, has established a SafeGuardTM Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label to help businesses reopen safely and certify companies have met hygiene and sanitation standards There are five phases to receive this critical certification.

Hotels and travel agencies also have the responsibility to endorse and send their guests to safe operators, therefore need to be very careful when selecting which business and experiences to recommend. We are pleased to be able to present this solution to the industry.

About Balloon Adventures Dubai

Established in 2005, Balloon Adventures is the longest operating hot air balloon company in Dubai. With 15 years of experience and thousands of flights you could say we are experts in ballooning. We enjoy the challenge of doing things that no one else would dream of and are known for our world renowned safety measures. Balloon Adventures Dubai is all about quality we offer our guests a memorable experience with our balloon flights followed by a drive in a vintage Land Rover and a 5-star à la carte breakfast served in an authentic Bedouin camp.